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Hampton City Council is considering a proposal to build a $31.5 million aquatics center, possibly adjacent to the Hampton Coliseum, that would include a 100,000-square-foot building housing an Olympic-sized pool and a smaller lap pool as well as a kitchen, concession stands and seating for 1,500 spectators.

The idea of an aquatics center has been discussed in Hampton for years, but this is the first time the council or the public has seen so detailed a proposal. City Manager Mary Bunting is urging the council to move quickly on the project lest another locality in the area beat Hampton to the draw.

City staff presented details from a consultant’s report that included two designs — one for a smaller community pool and the larger design backed by city staff.

The facility would likely be located near the Hampton Coliseum and include a leisure pool and splash park on the outside for local recreational use. The project would cost more than $31.5 million and take about four years to build.

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Haunting Tales of Stadiums Old


Old Marquette Stadium in Milwaukee, WI
By John Rezell, Executive Editor, SportsEvents Magazine

Growing up as a sports fanatic in Wisconsin, I always felt an attraction to old stadiums, baseball fields and gymnasiums that are littered across the state.

My brother-in-law worked at Marquette University and had access to two of the most electric sports venues I ever visited.

One chilly, overcast fall Saturday he drove me to old Marquette Stadium, where countless great athletic events took place over the years. Legendary football coach Bear Bryant brought his Kentucky team there one year. Mike Ditka played there against Marquette while in college. Jesse Owens and other track stars brought the stadium alive in their heyday.

But Marquette dropped its football program way back in 1960, and the stadium slowly deteriorated. Years and years later, after wandering around the hallways beneath, we climbed onto the crumbling concrete bleachers for a moment and gazed out across the overgrown field, surrounded by a running track that lost its battle to dandelions and other weeds.

The autumn wind blowing leaves from the maple and elm trees suddenly ceased, and complete silence overwhelmed me for a moment. We both felt an arctic crush cast upon us, as if the temperature dropped 30 degrees. Chills ran up my spine and I swear I could hear the roar of a raucous crowd.

After one of those moments that lasts seemingly forever, we looked at each other completely stunned, and both let out a blast of an exhale, unsure how long we had held our breath. Without  prompting, we both spun our heads to the far end of the homestretch, where runners would finish a race.

Wow, I thought, if these walls could talk.

Not long after that, we snuck into the old Marquette Gymnasium late one Friday night. My brother-in-law wanted to show me where my beloved Marquette basketball team of the Al McGuire years practiced. The aging hardwood court creaked as we walked across it led by flashlight to the center circle. There we simply stopped, and silently took it all in, admiring the hanging track that circled above us.

Just then we could hear the footsteps of a runner circling. We looked up and all around, and saw nothing. We did, however, leave in somewhat of a hurry.

Throughout small towns across the state there are old high school football fields and old city parks with small baseball stadiums. Every time I find one, I just sit in silence and let the ghosts of the past tell me their tales.

Are these places haunted, or am I just more than a pinch crazy?

I’m not one to answer that. All I do know that is back in 2004, Frontier Field in Rochester, NY was allegedly named as the first sport venue with confirmed evidence of paranormal activity.

As the story goes, ESPN reported that human remains were found when the stadium was built. A group of paranormal investigators apparently found evidence of a presence when they checked it out.

Read for yourself here. Then again, if you attempt to learn more by clicking on the links, you come up empty. The pages are no longer there. The real question is, were they ever there in the first place?

DO YOU KNOW OF A HAUNTED SPORTS VENUE? Share your story with us.

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Corpus Christi Council Approves Youth Sports Complex

From the Corpus Christi Caller-Times

The Corpus Christi City Council voted 7-0 to approve a 40-year agreement with a private company to lease 68 acres of city-owned land for the construction and operation of a regional youth sports complex.

The sports complex plans include both indoor and sand volleyball courts, baseball fields, a playground and basketball courts, among other amenities, according to the council presentation.

Officials have estimated that the facility would draw more than 420,000 people to its doors.

Regional youth sports tournaments are popular events, proponents have said, and it is expected that being a host would bring in significant sales tax dollars. It’s thought the economic impact could be about $21.5 million per year, according to company estimates.

Under the contract, the private business – SQH Sports & Entertainment – would lease the city-owned property for $1 per year. The company would be responsible for both constructing and operating the facility.

As part of the contract, developers also will acquire 30 acres of private property adjacent to the city-owned land. It’s expected the 30-acre property would be developed with retail and leisure services, company representatives said.

Read the story here

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USA Basketball Develops Youth Guidelines

 FROM USA Basketball

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and USA Basketball have teamed up to develop the first-ever youth basketball guidelines aimed at improving the way children, parents and coaches experience the game, with a specific emphasis on promoting player health and wellness.

The Health and Wellness working group drafted a scientific paper that makes eight key recommendations for promoting a positive and healthy youth basketball experience.  Highlights include:

  • Delay single-sport specialization in the sport of basketball until age 14 or older

Participation in multiple sports in early childhood is beneficial from a player health and player development perspective.  Athletes that reach the highest level of achievement are more likely to have played multiple sports at a young age and delayed single-sport specialization until late adolescence.

  • Limit high-density scheduling based on age-appropriate guidelines

High-density competition scheduling can increase risk for injury and burnout.  Parents, coaches and event directors should be cautious in considering tournaments that schedule multiple competitive events (i.e., games) in short periods of time.

  • Ensure rest from organized basketball at least one day per week, extended time away from organized basketball each year, and adequate sleep each night

Daily rest is important for injury prevention, sport development and overall health.  Rest days should be taken each week, and extended time off should be taken each year for physical recovery as well as to recharge oneself psychologically.  Such an approach, along with getting the recommended amount of sleep, helps to maintain motivation for continued participation.

These guidelines have received the endorsement of youth-focused organizations that collectively reach tens of millions of youth, including Boys & Girls Clubs of America, YMCA of the USA, National Recreation and Parks Association, JCC Association, and Positive Coaching Alliance.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) also supports these guidelines as being in the best interest of the sport and the health and well-being of the youth basketball community.  Additionally, these guidelines have received the endorsement of adidas, Nike and Under Armour.

The announcement tips off the second annual Jr. NBA Week (Oct. 17-25), during which all 30 NBA teams celebrate youth basketball by hosting clinics and events in their communities and during their open practices.  The Jr. NBA presented by Under Armour is the league’s youth basketball participation program for boys and girls ages 6-14.

In the spring of 2016, the NBA and USA Basketball established three expert working groups focused on the following areas: Health and Wellness, Playing Standards, and Curriculum and Instruction.  Their work was endorsed by the Jr. NBA Leadership Council, which is chaired by Retired U.S. General Martin E. Dempsey and consists of prominent basketball influencers and stakeholders.

For detailed suggested and maximum participation recommendations, rest guidelines, and the suggested player segmentation model, visit

“Basketball is a terrific, inclusive sport that is fun to play and teaches kids great values,” said Mark Tatum, NBA Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer.  “As strong as our game is, we believe there is a real opportunity to improve the youth basketball experience and enhance player health and wellness by establishing standards for how the game should be played and coached at the grassroots level.”

“In the United States, basketball is the most popular youth sport according to a variety of measures,” said Jim Tooley, USA Basketball CEO and Executive Director.  “But we want more than great participation numbers; we have a responsibility to help kids, parents and coaches experience the game in a fun, positive and healthy manner.”

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Red Bull Last Stand Leaves Lasting Impression


Folks in San Antonio enjoyed a full day of fast action around the Alamo at the Red Bull Last Stand, a new format for bike racing.

By John Rezell, Executive Editor, SportsEvents Magazine

SAN ANTONIO — Judging by the roar that echoed throughout the Alamo Plaza on Saturday night, the locals heartily approved the Red Bull Last Stand, a fresh and unique cycling event aimed to excite riders and fans alike.

Some of the top road and track racers from North America headed to this iconic site for a creative new cycling event that was hailed as a success by almost everyone at hand.

The event was a combination of criterium, fixed-gear, alley cat, and track style miss-and-out racing that was the first of its kind.

Riders spent the afternoon qualifying for the finals by posting the fastest lap they could on the half-mile, nine-turn course that circled the Alamo Plaza. For the main events, the last rider across the line each lap was eliminated until, you guessed it, one rider remained as the Last Stand winner.

Check out these photos and make sure to get the November issue of SportsEvents Magazine for complete coverage.

As the former editor of VeloNews magazine, I’ve covered more than my share of bike races. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but what I saw has huge potential to help take the sport in new directions.


Transponders on each bike clocked times for qualifying.


Once the sun went down, the crowd went up.


When else do you celebrate being last across the line?






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Gretna To Vote On Sales Tax For Ballfields

From the Gretna Breeze

Voters in Gretna, NE will decide in November whether to approve a sales tax increase to fund construction of new ballfields at the city-owned Fields at Gretna complex.

The city has proposed a half-cent increase that would be used to build baseball and softball fields at the site on Capehart Road as well as make other improvements.

Developing the facility has been one of the city’s goals for some time and was given high priority in the city’s 2016 goal-setting plan.

Currently, the site has basic soccer fields and a gravel parking area. In August 2015, the soccer fields were opened for league play.

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Council Bluffs Sports Complex On Schedule

From WOWT 6 News

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA — Crews building the Fieldhouse USA complex told WOWT 6 News that they are on schedule and might even beat their December 5 deadline.

The complex is the latest endeavor for Fieldhouse USA, a Texas-based company that specializes in building and managing multi-purpose youth sports facilities. They already have several locations near Dallas.

The facility will have 100,000 square feet of space – enough to house 8 hardwood basketball courts, 12 volleyball courts, and areas for other activities.

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