Tough Mudder Gains Anudder!

I first heard about the Tough Mudder competition when we covered it in our August 2010 issue of SportsEvents (read the issue here). I was fascinated by this grown up obstacle course and intense marathon, flashing back to my childhood show of Guts on Nickelodeon, and the current show Wipeout on ABC. I wanted to desperately try my hand at attempting one of the toughest courses created by ex-British military members. In my youth I did gymnastics and softball, and in high school, received a brown belt in taekwondo. Though this background is probably only the tip of the iceberg for those who have participated in the international race of Tough Mudder, I feel that with a thorough training program over the next 10 months, I can get myself back into tip top shape in order to participate in the Florida (Tampa) Mudder, set for Sat Dec 3 & Sun Dec 4, 2011. I have never participated in any sort of competition before so I hope to have the stamina, endurance, and willpower to stick with it.

~Jen Kelly, SportsEvents Magazine

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