Maintaining Leadership & Inspiring Dreams

By Jessica Pogue, Student-Athlete, Greensboro College Leadership is the ability to inspire confidence and support among the people who are needed to achieve organizational goals. A leader with good values is visionary, inspiring, innovative, and passionate. Leadership is important, and maintaining leadership through a tough breakdown or set back in the ultimate goal can sometimes... Continue Reading →

Just As In Real Estate, Location Matters For Sports Events

By Bruce Knittle Organizing a sports tournament? Perhaps the most important decision for sports event planners is location. By selecting an appropriate location, the chances for a successful outcome are considerably increased. Below are a few suggestions to help facilitate the site selection process: Geographic Feasibility -- Get Feedback Researching venues and contacting CVBs are usually... Continue Reading →

What’s The Parent’s Role At A Sports Event? To Be A Parent!

By Paul Peavy, MS, LMHCI have great news. I have discovered what a parent’s job is at an athletic event. It is…wait for it…TO BE A PARENT!Yep. Your child already has a coach—or three or four. Your child already has pressure to perform so it is not to be a pressure adder. Your child may... Continue Reading →

Granny’s Gone Wild!

By Paul Peavy Well, it finally happened. Crazy, mad granny pushed a swim meet official into the pool for disqualifying her granddaughter because her granddaughter broke a rule. It looked a little like this... While this was a classic funny scene in a "Beverly Hillbillies" episode, and the buzz around the pool was always... Continue Reading →

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